Is a film maker and artist from New York. The following biography by Tom Sachs was stolen from the book 'Nautical Challenge':

Van Neistat is an alcoholic from Maine via Connecticut. He grew up on the bohemian side of the tracks in New London County, the leading maritime community of the 18th and 19th centuries and now home of the General Dynamics Plant that builds nuclear submarines. New London is also home to Pfizer, which makes Viagra.

A photo of a portable tool wall hinged so that both sides are accessible. It is resting in the back of a Toyota Landcruiser.


2021 - Produced

An unlimited series of short films about creation, repair, introspection, thought and books combined with living. The spirited man is an archetype that embodies our favorite part of us, our spirit.

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A photo of a woman looking up at a giant red helium balloon floating in a cloudless sky.


2015 - Directed

Developed as part of a Sleepy Jones promotion, this spot describes a nationwide treasure hunt across America. This ad encourages people to use clues on social media to find red weather balloons containing cash and Sleepy Jones products.

A photo of a Luna Excursion Module that sculptor Tom Sachs constructed out of plywood and resin.


2015 - Directed

Van Neistat's first feature film follows renowned artist Tom Sachs on his journey to Mars. A Space Program is a recording of Sachs' own handmade NASA mission, Space Program 2.0 MARS. This film first premiered at the 2015 South by Southwest festival at Austin's Stateside theatre.

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A photo of a man and woman standing on a diving board in the rain, the man is holding a colorful umbrella.


2014 - Directed

J.Crew commissioned this advertisement to promote their Smart Sun Campaign. Featuring Andy Spade and Cynthia Rowley, Van Neistat filmed a series of pool plunges with a high speed camera.

A photo of the model set used to make a commercial for a private jet company.


2013 - Directed

An airline safety movie Van Neistat developed with Tom Sachs for private jet company VistaJet. This stop motion animation features a model Bombardier aircraft with functioning interior cabin.

A photo of a sculpture Tom Sachs dedicated to his love of plywood. It features the word 'PLYWOOD' cut from black-painted plywood.


2012 - Directed

Part of the ten bullets series, this film explores the relationship between Tom Sachs and plywood. Tom has spent years integrating plywood into many of his sculptures. This Love Letter outlines a set of guidelines for working with plywood in the Tom Sachs studio.

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A photo of Van Neistat engraving a Swiss Army Knife while sitting at a table in the brightly lit Mmuseumm.


2012 - Created

An exhibit performed at TriBeCa's Mmuseumm. Van invited guests to one-of-a-kind gift creation appointments. A forty five minute conversation allowed Neistat to carefully select the recipient's golden word. A single word that captured the essence of the recipients being. This word and their name was hand-engraved and rendered with 18k gold into a Swiss Army Knife.

A photo of Chris Burden's Metropolis II sculpture showing the internal view taken from a toy car track.


2011 - Cinematography

A short film that documents a kinetic sculpture created by Chris Burden over four years. Installed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this sculpture features an aluminium track. The installation is filled with hundreds of moving cars, each winding their way through a crowded urban environment.

A top-down photo shows 'knolled' items on a workbench's surface inside Tom Sachs' studio.


2010 - Directed

A procedural manual for employees of the Tom Sachs studio. Derived from a notebook John Ferguson gave to Tom Sachs as a gift, the film explores *ten bullets* or rules for working in Tom's studio. Humour and clips from popular movies are teaching agents for the serious lessons behind each bullet.

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A cutout is carved into the pages of an open book to convert it into a carry case for an audio recorder.


2010 - Directed

Tory Burch commissioned this short film to advertise the opening of her flagship store in Seoul. Tory uses an audio recorder to document fascinating sites in Europe. Aftwards, Van and his girlfriend go on a four day scavenger hunt through Seoul to find matching footage.

A photo of a corner of the Neistat Brothers New York studio, cable management speakers, and computers are all visible.


2010 - Co-created

The culminating work co-created by Van Neistat and his brother Casey as 'The Neistat Brothers'. HBO purchased and aired this self-titled TV series in 2010. Eight episodes depict the brothers' lives in a handmade style.

A photo of the small-scale model Van Neistat created of the Maritime Hotel elevators.


2009 - Co-created

Commissioned by the Maritime Hotel for the 2010 holiday season. This film documents the development and labour that went into the production of a corporate film. Concluding with the final footage that the Maritime Hotel gave to guests and their business partners as a holiday gift.

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A photo of two vessels sailed by Van Neistat and Tom Sachs into the horizon.


2008 - Co-created

A Nautical Challenge is a story woven through different episodes of the HBO series 'The Neistat Brothers'. A boat race between Tom Sachs and Van Neistat sets the scene for a tale of playful rivalry between two friends. The footage below is a supercut that pulls the story together into a single film.

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A photo of Van Neistat sitting at a cluttered workbench; he is repairing a broken portable DVD player.


2007 - Co-created

In this short film, Van repairs the LCD screen on a broken portable DVD player. Inspired by stories of hiding things within cutout pages from a book, Van uses an old portable tv, a book and a flashlight to repair his DVD player.

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A photo of the working Mcdonald's restaurant that Tom Sachs created out of plywood and found objects.


2005 - Co-created

The 'feature' film from a series of shorts developed as part of Tom Sachs' acclaimed NUTSY'S exhibition. The film is a procedural manual for Nutsy's McDonald's, a fully functioning restaurant. It was displayed as an element of Tom's installation.

A photo of Van Neistat sitting on his bicycle on a New York Street, his brother is on a motorcycle next to him.


2005 - Co-created

Commissioned by the Maritime Hotel for the 2010 holiday season. This film documents the development and labour that went into the production of a corporate film. Concluding with the final footage that the Maritime Hotel gave to guests and their business partners as a holiday gift.

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A photo of Van Neistat using an angle grinder to cut the lock of his bike and 'steal' it from a New York street.


2004 - Co-created

As avid cyclists, the Neistat Brothers have had their share of cycling equipment stolen from the streets of New York. In this sociological experiement, the brothers find out how easy it is to steal their own bicycle from lower Manhattan.

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A photo of a goldfish swimming in a small bowl.


2003 - Co-created

Science Experiments is a compilation of short films created by Van Neistat and his brother Casey. It was one of the first collaborative works the two made as 'The Neistat Brothers'. Science Experiments was shown at the Sao Paulo Biennial in 2004. 'Goldfish' is the only remaining experiment on the Neistat Brothers' vimeo channel.

A photo of Van Neistat riding his bike through bumper-to-bumper traffic on a New York City street.


2000 - Co-created

Frustrated by New York traffic, Van races his bike through vehicles stuck in the Holland Tunnel. This short by the Neistat Brothers aired at the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival in New York.

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